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    We are a career consulting business, using assessments and interviews to determine the best career matches. We focus on high schoolers, college age, and career transitioners. Our methodology looks at thinking style, behaviors and interests. It focuses on gifts and talents. If training or education is needed, we help with the selection and application process from start to end.

    Our clients walk away with a scientifically validated report and steps for moving forward with their career.

    Meet. Assess. Get Results.
    Information includes:
    What degree or training you should consider
    Average Salaries, in your state or other locations
    Career Outlook: Is it a growing bright career or one that’s going away

    For high Schoolers, we provide direction prior to graduation to confirm whether their next step should be jr. college, college/university, trade school or other accreditations.

    We want to save college students and parents, money and time by avoiding the wrong field of study. Higher education tends to sell classes not necessarily defining careers. We provide career direction after graduation to launch you in the right direction.

    For our Career transitioners, we provide professional services which supports finding the right career as well as supporting your professional aspirations.

    We receive the resounding feedback “where were you when I needed you in high school, college, or looking for that job?!”

    We’re here now and we want to discover your path with you!